Dave Wesley - Tetrahedron 75_9 EPv1 - Released on February 15, 2018

This 3 track post-dub-techno EP uncovers shiny dub lying beneath woolly forgotten tribal rhythms.

Music Production - Dave Wesley
Artwork - Dave Wesley
Mastering - Dave Wesley at Arctic Dub Studios


Arctic Dub has forged a deal with Lisbon Vinyl Cutters to offer vinyl for our Bandcamp releases.  This breakthrough will be rolling out soon and we will keep you posted.

Arctic Dub v4 compilation coming in March 2018.  Watch this space.

Echonaut - Satya EP - Released on January 13, 2018

Echonaut's Satya EP is comprised of a set of four original tracks with one remix - that embrace a timeless potion of minimal and hypnotic dub, deeply absorbing, cultured and distilled, inebriating the listener and the dancer in an intimate and feathered excursion. 
Substak is on remix duties, taking "Bardo" to the other side with an introspective and shadowy atmosphere. 
Sweet, seductive and proper for daily mind flights.
Bob Brass (Echonaut) connected with the keyboards very early in his life, starting to play classical piano at the age of eight years old.  He spent the late 70's in the London music scene and where he developed a fascination with electronic music. Through the 80's, he played in several post-punk bands and also started experimental ambient projects. 
Returning to NY in mid 90's, he participated in the rave scene, playing at Temple Records' Killer parties. He also had a few tracks out on compilations during this time. More recently, he's been releasing music under the monikers Samsara Relief Project and Re.lief.  In 2017, Bob began releasing under the Echonaut alias with an album on Odrex Music, and tracks on Arctic Dub, Drift Deeper and Superordinate Music compilations.

Dave Wesley live techno mix deconstructs into experimental music, found sound, and field recordings.  He just can't help it.

Dave Wesley - Anja Cerração Ligeira EPv1 - Released on December 13, 2017

If this release was a film, it would depict a foggy drive through rural Portugal. 

The protagonist stalled on a hairpin mountain road. 

Aural glimpses of distant strains... of an epic rave... raging in the distance. 

Awaiting roadside assistance... which never arrives.


Thanks to Gabi Von Dub for updating our Discogs profile with more releases.

Floating Machine - Nowhere EP - Released on November 30, 2017

Floating Machine is António Lourenço, from Coimbra, Portugal.  António has been producing and performing for many years and has been an active musician from his youth.  He has performed in countless events and big international festivals such as Boom Festival, Freedom Festival, Zna Gathering, Shankra, etc.  His prolific productions can be found on Digital Diamonds, Techgnosis, Mindspring, and Blind Arc.  António is also half of Code Therapy, an ascending progressive techno act.  He uses music to connect and communicate, taking listeners on adventurous and unpredictable aural journeys. 

António comments, "This EP was built upon my inclination to make some dub techno-infused music that fits with Arctic Dub's aesthetics, while retaining the psychedelic influences from my previous work."

The lo-fi ambient drone "Nowhere" remix, by Existente, adds reflective balance to the release.

Strange Saturday morning live mix from Dave Wesley...  from Arctic Dub Studios, Porto, Portugal.

Dave Wesley - Gueto De Laranja released and now available on Berlin's ODrex Music very cool 3 CD compilation "Chronicles".

Check out Dave Wesley's new left-field mix for DeepInIt Podcast, originating from South Africa.


The Mayhem Lecture Series - Structures And Behaviors EPv1 - Released on October 31, 2017. 

The first release in a series of ongoing experimental music explorations of structures and behaviors - leaning heavily on appropriation and process oriented experimental forms categorized into personality traits and disorders. 

“Structures And Behaviours (Intrepid)” is a composition ever as beguiling as David Sylvian and Holger Czukay’s collaboration “Flux + Mutability” with hypnotic dub ebbing and flowing in perfect sync with the hypnotic speech of a Russian female. Truly enthralling!" - The Big Takeover

Press release here.

You should probably listen to this.

The Wire Magazine has selected an experimental track from The Mayhem Lecture Series (Episodio Dois) for the  Wire Tapper 45 CD, which is included with the November issue of The Wire, now on newstands.


Dave Wesley Interview - The Relationship Between Math And Music is now out in Revista The 13th Magazine.

Downloadable PDF here.

Meditative ambient EP from Existente, Theta Series EPv1, will see its official release on October 13, 2017.  Check out the preview below and some recent reviews.

Press release here.

"There is something most primordial about this, something akin to the timeless pulse of the universe or the sound of the earth’s ecosystems communicating through soil and root, wind and water. It is both eerie and intriguing and for all its slow and singular noise, its blend of washes and drones, single notes and singular sounds being stretched and expanded, it is hypnotic and ultimately beautiful." - Dancing About Architecture

"This ‘Theta Series EPv1’ EP sounds as if someone has painstakingly been filtering string signals from the radio waves into threads of melodic ambience, weaving them together in the most pacific blanket with resonant depth well beyond the surface of radio static. This is calming pensive music to help you align your chakras and gather a sense of mind-peace" – The Big Takeover

Dave WesleyLaranja Swadhisthana 67_5 – EPv1 release is getting some nice press.

Press release here.

"This is awe-inspiring music, existing somewhere between heaven and earth and cut from the same cloth as Michael Brook’s classic ‘Cobalt Blue’... Simply fantastic" The Big Takeover Magazine

"A slow driving pulse, around which harsh ghostly wisps come in and out of focus... builds to a filmic, almost orchestral expansiveness, yet it maintains a static core that marks it truly as dub. It is an example of that rare blend of meditative music to which head bobbing is as natural a response as is introspection" – Disquiet

"A hypnotic and soothing adventure that prioritises subtle and slowly unfolding ideas. Luscious and enveloping, the songs here are slowly builds that subtly add layer upon layer upon layer lulling the listener into a space of utmost relaxation... a deftness that is beyond impressive" - Overblown Magazine

"Laranja Swadhisthana 67_5 – EPv1 is a sonic trip to the deepest, most sophisticated realms of electronic ambient music, and I was positively impressed by the skills of the artist, who “drew” me in with his captivating, seamlessly exploring evolving soundscapes. A meditative sound that seduces the imagination forward into transcendental realms." - Noise Journal