Deep ambient dub techno from Arctic Dub - Sursumcorda Records.

Ambient drone based on the principles of sacred geometry and meditative mindspace.



Monte Schaffer moved literally to the deep woods of northern Minnesota, built his own log home laboratory, connected to the gear, in the country-side environment and now debuts on Arctic Dub (Sursumcorda), on what is our first invited artist release. 

Multi-mission is a new project from Sam Simpson, a multi-genre electronic music avid producer from Ohio, US. 
This is someone we had our eyes on for a while, when we listened to a few demos, given the impact of such present and strong sonics. 

João Ricardo´s discography, leads you to the most startling discoveries through the plethora of references and resonances of various musical stops this media artist/musician/sound technician/label owner - among many other things - incorporates in his compositional multipurpose. 
ocp´s musical opening is enviable and transparent, with a great ability to dominate and morph the sound field language. 


Karl Muller is a New Zealand born musician, performer and photographer, currently living in Australia, and one of the key figures in the Oceania electronic scene, with an excellent catalogue of enchanted and sleeky dub techno. 

Xerography is an ongoing series of reactive experimental journalism and blogging using musical forms of dark, dubby, and experimental techno as the medium... with context-sensitive appropriation and production techniques based on the principles of sacred geometry and tuning.